Creating A Better Life

Creating A Better Life

2 Ways To Help A New Freshman Adjust

Alberto Clark

When your child graduates high school and moves off to go to college, it can be hard on you, since your baby is growing up. But it can be even harder on them. For their entire life, they have had the help and support of their parents right there, and moving to college and finding their footing as a grown up and as a college student can be really overwhelming. While you can't fix it for them, there are things that both you and they can do that will help your child adjust to their new life easier and that will give them the tools to adjust to new situations as they get older. 

Validate Their Feelings

No matter how emotionally strong your child is or how ready they are to go to college, they are going to have some feelings that are going to be overwhelming to them. When they tell you that they are feeling a certain way, you need to listen to them and let them tell you. Don't brush them off; their feelings matter, and your new college student needs to have the emotional standing to know that it's OK to feel the way that they do. Don't try to fix their feelings for them, though; you need to let them fix their problems, but make sure that they know you support them. 

Freshman Orientations

Many colleges offer various orientation programs to help freshman settle in. Those programs can be everything from helping students learn to budget their time better to ways to take advantage of all the activities on campus. The orientations are generally free and open to all freshmen. Some new students may think that the programs aren't worth it, but taking advantage of the programs can really help new freshmen feel like they are settling in and can help them start to feel more comfortable at school where they have to start acting like an adult and making all their own decisions. 

If your child is headed off to college, you want to make sure that they are equipped with all the tools that they need in order to be successful. You can encourage them and support them. If they are still having problems, you could even work with a counselor or coach who specializes in working with young adults, from an organization like World Wide Youth Mentoring Inc, so that your child can get more skills and tools that will help them. 


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