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Creating A Better Life

Tips For Evaluating Environmental Sustainability Charities Before Donating

Alberto Clark

If you would like to donate some of your hard-earned money to a charity doing work in the environmental sustainability sector but want to ensure the charity you choose will use your money effectively, then follow each of these tips designed to assist you with the selection process:

Tip: Think About How You Really Want Your Money Spent

When you donate money to any charitable organization, you are asking them to productively spend your money to further a cause you both believe in. For this reason, it is vital you seriously think about exactly what you want your money spent on and then find a charity with the same goal. 

For example, if you are concerned about the destruction of the rainforests in South America and want your money spent on alternatives to logging or mining, then locate a charity with this exact goal rather than one whose goal is simply stated as saving the rainforests that may actually be an animal-centered charity or have other goals. 

Tip: Review the Long-Term and Short-Term Goals of Various Charities

When you start evaluating charities, make sure you carefully read through both their long-term and short-term goals. Any charity you donate to should have both. If a charity has a very vague long-term plan but no stated short-term goals, then this is a sign they are not well organized and may not be prudent in spending your donated money. 

Tip: Compare Many Different Environmental Charities Before Making a Final Decision

Though you may be tempted to donate to the first charity you locate that seems to match your beliefs and be done with your research, this is never advisable. Instead, keep that organization in mind and continue searching out similar options. While you may end up donating to the first selection, it is always a good idea to do as much research as possible and ensure you are making the best decision possible. 

Tip: Investigate the Tax Status of All Charities Before Donating

In conclusion, it is important to note that all charities should be tax-exempt. Before donating to your chosen environmental sustainability organization, make sure you check to ensure they are legally exempted from paying taxes. If you are unable to locate this information online, then ask the charity to see a copy of their tax-exempt certificate from the tax-collecting agency. If they will not happily oblige this request, then donate elsewhere.


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